Introduction to ERP Bridge Implementation

Integration may seem like a buzzword, but why does it matter to your business and why doing it with ERP Bridge? You may have already fielded questions about data and integrations, but this manual will guide you step by step in a Default integration that we suggest as creator. This is a recommended integration to best configure ERP Bridge with your database.
To start, let’s log-in in your ERP Bridge account and select your business account.
You will enter in your company overview page, where you can see all the entities that have been connected in ERP Bridge.
In this page you can update the name of your installation, manage the frequency of your synchronization and the operations.
Operations are all the entities we decided to synchronize in our HubSpot CRM.
Our advice is to follow this logic in the installation:
  • 01_Companies,
  • 02_Products,
  • 03_Deals,
  • 04_LineItems.
Last modified 2mo ago