Operation Configuration in ERP Bridge

Database Mapping

In the Database Mapping section you decide which fields to connect from the SQL view to HubSpot.

On the left-hand column select the data from SQL that you want to synchronize and link it with the related property on HubSpot. For more information about which properties to synchronize, please refer to the synchronization section.

We recommend to create custom section for the new properties:

  • Create a property group called ERP Information for all custom company properties

  • Create a custom section called ERP Information on the left sidebar of the Deal record, where insert all the created custom properties

Decision rules

In our example we set Deal Name as primary key, because in SQL we connect in the same field Offer Number and Deal Name:

  • Insert =0 in the first line means that if that specific Deal Name does not exist, the agent will add the record,

  • With several records with the same Deal Name (=1), the agent will update the record,

  • If there are several identical records (>1), the agent will skip the record.

We connect Offer Number and Deal Name in the same property because then you can directly use the search bar on the deal section to find a specific offer number or deal name.

It's fundamental to choose a field as 'primary key' that will always be uniquely populated, otherwise records will be duplicated in the next synchronization.


Now we want to associate the object Deal with an important object in our database, our advice is to create a link with the object “Companies”, and the property used to connect these two is “Customer ERP Code” and “ERP Code”.

Now the new operation Deal will appear on the Homepage, to activate the synchronization make sure the button is on.

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