Advices and Best Practices

How to use imported data - recommendations for use

Now that data are synchronized on HubSpot, you can use them inside workflows, views or lists.

Please find below our tips and advices to use ERP Bridge to the fullest potential:

Let's see synchronized Deals

In the image below you can see how deals should appear in the deal pipeline after the synchronization with ERP Bridge.

Here there is another view of the pipeline with the property we sync correctly match in the CRM.

If we open one of these record, you will see in the attachment section the file pdf correctly match.

If you click on the file, you can see the preview of the order sent.

As the same time, some of these offers has been converted into orders.

If we open one of them you will see two pdf; one with the offer and one with the order's pdf.

Click on the file to see the preview with all information about the order.

Manage property Amount for orders and offers in CRM from ERP Bridge

This automation is an example to manage the Default property "Amount" and updating it depending on offers and orders.

  • If the property "Order Amount" is knows the field "Amount" will be populated with the "Order Amount";

  • If the property "Order Amount" is unknows the field "Amount" will be populated with the amount in the property "Offer Amount".

This means that every time an offer switch to order the property Amount will be updated consequently.

Assign a deal owner from an ERP field

One of the tips we propose is to create a workflow that automatically attributes the agent - field imported from the ERP in HubSpot as single-line text, to the corresponding user on HubSpot. In this case as an input trigger of the workflow you will have the property 'Sales Agent', a property integrated from the ERP. If it is populated and the company owner is unknown, the company will be assigned to the HubSpot user set from the Workflow.

Then following the workflow:

  • Records that correspond to Gianluca Giorgini on ERP, on HubSpot will be assigned to Gianluca Giorgini,

  • Records matching Veronica Bresciani on ERP, on HubSpot will be assigned to Veronica Bresciani,

  • Records matching Francesco Fabbri on ERP, on HubSpot will be assigned to Francesco Fabbri,

  • For all the anomalies, an email alert will be sent to a specific user admin.

Move the Deal in the pipeline based on the property "Order Number"

Integration with ERP Bridge could be useful also to manage deal pipeline because based on strategic properties the deals can be moved automatically depending on changes on these fields.

For example, in the automation below all the deals with the property "Order number ERP Bridge" are enrolled and if the property is known the deal moves in the stage "Order acquired", because this property (Order number) is populated only when a deal is won, meaning is time to move the record in the pipeline.

How to use data in report

Thanks to HubSpot data integration you can now create custom dashboard and reports. For example, we recommend analysis with data of current and previous deals in the last 90 days.

Another graph useful for comparison could be the total number of close deals in the last 90 days.

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