Advices and Best Practices

How to use imported data - recommendations for use

Now that the data are synchronized on HubSpot, you can use them inside workflows, views or lists.

Please find below our tips and advices to use ERP Bridge to the fullest potential:

Sending internal communication to Company Owner in case of unpaid situation

Could be interesting build an automation to monitor the unpaid clients and notify in real time the company owner of that customer.

As you can see from the image above, the automation shows as enrollment trigger every changes on the property "Unpaid" that is syncronized from ERP Bridge, and every time it will send automatically an internal email notification to the company owner of that record.

The company owner will receive an email showing the customers detail:

  • Company Name

  • Email

  • Unpaid Amount

Assign a contact owner from an ERP field

One of the tips we propose is to create a workflow that automatically attributes the agent - field imported from the ERP in HubSpot as single-line text, to the corresponding user on HubSpot. In this case as an input trigger of the workflow you will have the property 'Sales Agent', a property integrated from the ERP. If it is populated and the company owner is unknown, the company will be assigned to the HubSpot user set from the Workflow.

Then following the workflow:

  • Records that correspond to Veronica Bresciani on ERP, on HubSpot will be assigned to Veronica Bresciani,

  • Records matching Gianluca Giorgini on ERP, on HubSpot will be assigned to Gianluca Giorgini,

  • Records matching Francesco Fabbri on ERP, on HubSpot will be assigned to Francesco Fabbri,

  • For all the anomalies, an email alert will be sent to a specific user admin.

How to use data in report

Thanks to HubSpot data integration you can now create custom dashboard and reports. For example, we recommend analysis with data of current and previous orders for each company.

With these data we can create different type of graph to show ordered amount as the comparison of the best customers in different years.

We recommend analysis also with data of current and previous revenue for each company.

It is also possible to build a report with the analysis of the unpaid situation divided by company.

You can choose other properties to combine, for example Sales Agent and unsolved clients.

Create lists to manage sleeping customers / active customers

For your company could be interesting divide the customer base into active and sleeping clients, to have a clear view about which companies are regular buyer or which you are loosing.

To do this, you can create active lists on HubSpot.

First, in the main menù select Lists and create a folder named ERP Bridge, where insert all the lists related to the integration.

Then create a list of sleeping customers, insert as filter the property "last order" to manage who is entering or not in the selection. In our example we decide to insert all the companies with an order older than 180 days. For active customers the filter would be the contrary, less than 180 days.

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